Spring Sketchbook - I

Well, I always wanted to make one of those movies where you make a picture of flower opening every hour or so and as a result you can see it's progress in motion. And I am absolutely amazed by variety of sakura flowers - gentle colors, light scent, texture, contrast with the bark, and many other things ;)
So I thought about making a movie since cameras are so available these days. But then I thought that it might be interesting to draw one tree daily. Just come to the same spot, mark where I stand and do a drawing or two daily... This sounded like a great idea, I got a separate sketchbook for this project and started with drawing overall place where everything would be happening :)

Here are my first few pages. What happened next - I will tell you very soon - with illustrations (but rest assured - sketchbook is filled with drawings and almost everything is scanned already ;)

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