Trip to Monterey and the End of book #21

This page is the last one form the book number 21 - large, very spacious, filled with 140 lb watercolor paper.

I spend a great day in Monterey - got to see, smell, touch and draw different things - feels a little like it was in different life :)

I am very much behind in scanning my drawings - today I am in the middle of sketchbook number 24 and not sure when I will have a chance to scan anything... so I am considering 2 options - wait until life gets less busy (lol) or start taking quick pictures and uploading them as it's much faster. What do you think?


  1. Lovely tree.. I have great Memories of going to Monterrey with you.
    Suggest you forget the order and scan/photograph just the stuff the jumps at you. Should be less daunting!? :-)

  2. i rather see the scans since the quality it's better, love this one!