Jun 21, 2010

June 17, 2010: Poppy Field Hike

Click on the image to see some photos of the process in my Flickr set :)

Jun 15, 2010

June 2010: First page

June 2010: First page, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

First Page of a new sketchbook: Clairefontaine Sketch Book from Wet Paint store. 100 sheets of 90 g/m2 ivory paper, 210 x 297 mm.

It's rather large - which is great but I need to carry paper clips to work in windy conditions. Paper is a bit too thin - you can see through it often. I am trying several different papers and just gluing/taping other papers in this book. It goes well :)

Jun 11, 2010

Badger Log: Bird Watching

Badger Log: Bird Watching , originally uploaded by apple-pine.

does anyone still check this blog?

May 31, 2010: Coyote Hills Park, CA

We discovered a great little park - not sure how nice it will be in the summer - shade is sketchy there - but lots of birds in these marshes make it a very attractive destination for me ;)

Sketchbook #111: Trip to Hawaii - the end of the trip.

We visited an octopus farm - pretty interesting and unusual. I got sprayed and wrestled with a couple of lovely color-changing beasts and fe...