July 2012: Current Palette Set-Up and exciting News

Posted: Jul 2, 2012 | | Labels: , , ,

This is my current palette. It's a special edition Schmincke set purchased on a BIG sale from WetPaint. I took out metal insert which had rails for holding pans and attached my own (extended) collection of pans using Sugru.
I still have enough space to:
a) add more colors or
b) store paper towel (paper towel I - paper towel II is waiting in the water container)
c) store brush (this is a squirrel brush with shortened handle and Zebra pen cover - for protecting my squirrel and to extend brush when painting).

And, using same sugru hacking method I attached a piece of Lego to the mixing area and corresponding piece to my little water container - this was my water does not go flying around :)

You can read more details about colors when you click on the image but basically these are Schminke factory made pans and some Neva/Yarka watercolors I enjoy form a much larger and older set.

Now - one of the reasons for this new - experimental set-up is MY EXCITING NEWS!
I will be participating in 2012 Voices of the Wilderness Artist in Residence Program with Chugach  and Tongass National Forests, Western Arctic National Parklands.

It means that I will be going to Alaska this August - to look, draw, paint and share my drawn reportage about an amazing wilderness as it exists today.

For this trip and preparation for it I am going to make a set on Flickr and tag here - in my blog.

Stay tuned for more news :)