Drawing with Kids at the Stanford Museum

I had a blast with three great kids drawing artworks in the Stanford museum while I was drawing them. Such thoughtful approach to what to draw, sincere comments they made about subjects and each others artwork and how much time we spent at the museum all inspire me on many levels!

Notes: we made little sketchbooks out f single sheet of letter sized paper (here is example) - good idea. Each one had a pencil (museum does not allow pens - I was hiding mine every time guards were passing by as I had to share pencil when one of the leads broke :), so next time I will need more pencils plus eraser plus something small and sturdy to avoid leaning on precious artifacts for sketchbook support :) I had one little book with me - but they all wanted one. Oh, and carrots for the "after the museum" part were good - need to bring more and do the "sharing" of the sketched on the steps - with carrots - before kung-fu panda enters their mind :)


  1. These are great sketches, I like it how you captured so many feelings and actions with so few lines. How the kids concentrate and observe each object they draw so ever carefully. I really like the girl on the bench, great fun pose. Looks like you all had a fantastic day together : )

  2. thank you - it was a very cool day!