July 2012: Kids Sale

July 2012: Kids Sale by apple-pine
July 2012: Kids Sale, a photo by apple-pine on Flickr.
No kids were sold or purchased during this event :)
But we had a great fun playing real market economy: with lots of well used and no longer wanted things offered by many kids in their chalk-outlined stores. Every store had it's name. Money (in denominations of 1, 5 and 10) were printed on green paper and had lots of cats on them. And kids were left to themselves working out how to buy and sell things :) While drawing my reportage I tried my best not to crack my ribs from laughter.
My favorite conversations:
1. I think you might be interested in this - it's the most scientific part of a computer - a mouse!
2. How much for this dinosaur? One dollar. Hm... I do not have one - will you take 5? oh, OK.
3. How much is this car? - Dollar. -
I want to buy this car from you to sell it to Mike over there. - OK - then it's three dollars.

What can I say - I am ready for another event like this! :)

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