Alaska 2012

This is it - my donation to the US Forest Service after my 2012 Voices of the Wilderness South Baranof Wilderness Artist Residency is completed and this is a photo of me holding it just before I sent it off. 

My fellow artist in residence - Kaylyn Messer - completed her video interview with me:

Voices of the Wilderness - Interview Nina Khashchina 2012 from Kaylyn Messer on Vimeo.

And I applied for residency with Voices of Wilderness in 2013 :)

Life is good ;)


  1. Oh, Nina! Superb! I hope you can go again and continue this amazing story.

  2. Ура! Мы рады видеть интервью и кинокадры в действии! Очень хорошо дополняет впечатление от фоок.

  3. I loved your story! Wow! Your paintings are lovely! It also makes me want to visit there and see all that beauty. Thank you for your work!

  4. thank you Connie - it's an amazing place - wish you can visit soon!

  5. Om my what a trip of a life time, its so stunning there and it was treat to see you working. It gives that great insight to see how an artist fits right in to the piece of work you see...
    goergous nature and lovely work!