July 2014: Trip to Adirondacks and New York - Part 5 (last one)

July 2014: Travel Sketching Tools
This post is mostly about process shots - I took some photos while sketching on my trip and posted them on the go when internet became available. And below are all of them - grouped :)

As for the tools themselves: I tried a couple of new things: liquid watercolors in waterbrushes (they almost did not leak on the plane ;) And another thing was that I took a smaller notebook with me designated specifically for this trip. Liquid watercolors were fun but not a necessity. But small notebook which fitted in my waist pouch with all the supplies or in my jacket/pocket and hence was with me at almost all times made a huge difference. I sketched daily - even though this trip was packed with actions and people of all ages, interaction, water, movement and serendipity.

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