Sketching Game I play

I am playing a sketching game almost every day these days. 

I found it on Louise Gou√ęt's instagram and loved her work and the idea so much it became a little present I give myself. Giving yourself little presents is one of the things that I recently added to my repertoire of survival skills and now I recommend it to everyone. Especially now. But that is a reason for a whole separate post.

About this game: I go to the mapcrunch website which gives me a random street view from Google maps. And then draw stuff that I see! Granted some adjustments are needed often - but it's a great start! And if I wanted an urban scene - I just go to google maps and do a street view of a city I want to visit one day. These are mostly super-quick 2x4 inches sketches on whatever paper I have in my pockets (which is a story for another post!)

And then I post it with the #locationdrawathome tag on Instagram.
Try it out and send me a link / tag me on Instagram to see!


  1. Great little thumbnails! I agree about the daily presents... I like to have several concrete things to look forward to in the not-too-distant future. Like getting a takeout pizza this week. Or sketching the alley next week. Or making Dalgona coffee this afternoon. Small things, but important to survival.

  2. I came across this post this morning in Feedly and I'm in! Did my first sketch this morning of what turned out to be a road in Russia and posted it on Instagram at foxartist.
    Such a great idea. Thanks!
    Susan Fox