Sketching While Waiting

I took the nonagenarian to see her eye doctor and had a wonderful time in the waiting room. First - the air was purified and easy to breathe despite double masks (one mask for the smoke and another for the covid). Outside I could not see most of what is usually there: San Jose was very smoky with AQI above 200 because of all the fires along the West Coast. And the waiting room had some people for me to sketch!


  1. Many time while in a waiting room, grocery store or parked in a car, I “think” about sketching the people I see. I am intimidated...sounds foolish to admit but...true. Recently I joined an urban sketchers group and find when I am a part of a sketchers group...I am no longer intimidated.
    I believe it is important to sketch/draw daily. I’m hoping that my experiences and time with urban sketches will free me just “do it!”
    Thanks for this post. It’s just what I need.

  2. It's the best way to wait that I know of, Bernadette! Urban SKetchers are a great community - you will find a lot of support there!