Mar 4, 2014

February 2014: Long and Interesting Day

This was a day filled with events:
First - a visit to a new dentist office,
February 2014: Visit to the Dentist
Then collecting treasures in San Francisco February 2014: Treasures
and finally meeting in real life an online sketching friend - Suhita!
February 2014: Meeting with a Sketching Friend
I did many many pages of sketches in my little pocket moleskine book on that day and most of them are in the recycling bin. But I had to keep something for the record - so here it is - my best shot :) And here is how Suhita saw me on that day :)

Sketchbook #104

Sometimes I get to draw and / or paint. Sometimes I get to sketch. And sometimes all I have is just a minute or two - here is a result of s...