Karma Sketch for Illustration Friday

I really enjoyed this week's topic and made this sketch on Friday hoping to complete full color version by the end of Sunday, but here I am - still working on it.
So I will post this today and will post full version when it's ready (hopefully soon:)
Comments are welcome!


  1. Wow, there is so much in your illustration! It reminds me of a collidescope that you turn to find a new image and in this case a karmic reaction.

  2. WOW - I am really glad that it came through like that because that's very close to what I was trying to show - you make a choice - a turn - and it affects - the next picture, your understanding of the previous one and relation between parts of the whole picture and it is never the same...
    thanks for your comment - it really inspires me to find time to finish she color piece.