Dec 3, 2005

Illustration Friday: Blue

Well, when you are blue - what can be better than a friendly light waiting for you and ability to give a gift? a dozen other things perhaps - but these might work too :)
This is another card from the series I created for this Holiday Season.


  1. I like how positive your approach was to the topic. Extremely sweet :)

  2. Anonymous9:25 PM

    looks like a christmas card! well done!

  3. Really nice drawing
    I liked a lot!

  4. I like this series very much! The shadowy trees, path and house in the background make this cold winter scene very warm and cozy...there's a fire waiting at the house!

  5. thanks a lot! I am really fortunate to hear your comments they let me look at the cards through other people's eyes :)
    I am indeed selling them as greeting cards for the winter holidays - including Christmas and New Years and Hanukkah etc. :)

  6. This is exactly the way it felt in Sweden last week. So dark and yet the warmth of candles everywhere, inside and out. Lovely illustration.