Apr 3, 2006

Illustration Friday: spring

It's been very rainy beginning of the spring. The other day there was a brief moment of sunshine and I saw an unbelievable mass of clouds above the highway - it's impossible to reproduce in full but I tried...

And, of course - Spring is very much packed with birthdays - here is a little greeting card I made as one of the spring presents ;)


  1. Beautiful work! Love the subtlety of the flower...yet it makes a big statement!

  2. These are great watercolours, I especially love the rich darkness of the clouds, great!

  3. Lovely watercolors!

  4. These are wonderful! The first is so dramatic, the second lovely and delicate.

  5. I didn't figure out the postcard was made by you till I saw this posting. I've never seen preprinted cards with something on the back!!! 8-}
    I really liked it! It replaced the x-mas one at my desk at work :-)
    Thank you