Oct 19, 2006

Illustration Friday: Smitten

Well... I've spent some time doodling and thuinking over thi week's challange -smitten... then I saw that it's Thursday already and people submitted lots of great depictions of meaning smitten. And that's when I decided to do a rebus. So here it is:
=smitten :)



it's a great scene, very quiet even in the city. wonderful watercolor..!

° said...

i lik eth emood u have created

Heartful said...

Very moody, great atmosphere.

Dave M! said...

Your IF work is terrific. I don't "get" your Smitten, but am inline with your Trouble and Quiet. Both are so powerful in composition, story and material that they don't need your explaination. I could certainly learn from your example.

Speaking of my Illustration Friday work, thank for your comments. For you, I'll add more blood in the next one.