New Brush

I've go myself a new brush in January - it's a Pentel Color Brush - beautiful instrument, full of character ;)


  1. I like the sketch very much!

    Thanks for sharing the pen brand.
    I got these and can't really make them work for me...

  2. did you try using these on wet paper? Or using just one or two colors and smudging with the wet finger? I'd love to try... perhaps colors are too strong - I know that would be a problem for me - when I sketch I want to have a little more control - and to manage both subject and such a color variety might be too much on a short notice. Just regular watercolors are working fine for me actually -I will post new pics soon ;)

  3. yes! wet paper did it for me.
    I initially bought just 3 colors to use on the go (=on the bus), but the color is indeed to strong and too dense. not good without water.. they're watercolors after all :-))