Orange and plein aire

This is an image from my browns of January experiment ;)

I found a great group on Flickr - plein aire. Cathy (Kate) Johnson organized it and keeps posting wonderful images almost daily! Needless to say that it inspired me to do some work outdoors myself.

Now - these days I do a lot of work outdoors since I try to draw while my little monster is playing with his friends, while he gets out of the car or while he is looking for that shovel we came to the park with or while he is trying to wrestle my pen from my hand ... But these new attempts are done without him - it's pure "go out there just to draw/paint" thing. Let's see how it will go ;)

After today's session I had to drink a gallon of tea - it's very cold (I know, I know i I should not complain here in California - it's 55° but it's really windy and cold on the ground!).

I am having fun with a water-soluble graphite pencil (never used one before - HOW DID I MISSED THIS GREAT THING??) And with some watercolors, of course.

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