Beginning of a new book

Beginning of a new book, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I was trying to start uploading more current sketches and looks like I am getting there :) This is a first sketch in my current book number 25 :)

Because of
a) lack of time and
b) interest in a more neatly looking book and
c) desire to use paper that is gentle to nibs of my pens

this book is a moleskine - 5 x 8.25, sketchbook.

Today I am almost done with it and a new sketchbook is waiting under the weight of a few art albums and a weight belt. New book has lots of watercolor paper in it because now I miss good watercolor paper ;) But I got to work with some fun pens and experiment with different medias in moleskine and overall am still having a lot of fun with it! Not too many things to share though since writing in it is very nice too - so many pages are covered with reviews, notes, recipes and lists ;) And also I was rather busy so sometimes all I got to sketch was my feet, my hand with whatever was left of the apple or bunch of fruits on my lap :)

This is a view onto the elementary school next door on a very cloudy day - the first such day since spring - I spend some time explaining what that is in the sky to my son - and had to sketch them too ;)


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