Hidden Villa: chickens, pigs and cows

My son adjusted composition a little by adding some pencil circles here and there in my sketchbook - and though he was rebuked, I think it added some thing to some of the pages ;)

We had a wonderful little trip - lots of leaves to look at, lots of places to run and jump :) chickens were easy to sketch since my companion was occupied with chasing them to feed some corn that he found on the floor. We saw one egg being laid! And met two kittens (they ran away too quickly).

I used Rotring artpen (shortened to make it more portable) and KOH-I-NOOR drawing ink - sepia, waterproof. It has a little bit of smell when I fill the pen (I am using refillable Piston-Fill Converter) but is almost gone when I actually draw - and I do have a tendency to get closer and closer to the paper if I loose a track of time sometimes ;) Not with these sketches though :)

Hidden Villa: resting cows


  1. I love Hidden Villa! My husband goes there almost every weekend to run. So glad that you went there and sketched. I have painted the forest there, but have not tried my hand at the animals. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Your comment about your son's additions reminded me that sometimes I will take a pencil and just lightly drag it on a page, so that it's almost drawing lines on its own. I always feels that it adds. :)


  2. Oh, Nina, I think his additions are charming! (NOT that you'd want him to do that all the time...)

  3. Oh, these are wonderful drawings! I love them.

  4. Kim;
    It's a beautiful place with oh so many choices what to sketch! I am hoping they will have little piglets soon! :)

    I am frustrated sometimes when he gets his hands on my sketchbook - but have to admit that he is really trying to add something - not just scribble ;) It's just hard when you are 2.5 years old ;)

    Andrea and Leslie;

  5. Lovely sketches! Your son's additions are wonderful-some of my favorite sketches from years (many) gone by are the ones that my children "edited".