May 2009: Trip to New York - part I

People waiting for this flight mostly looked like someone waiting for a bus. Some even greeted each other with a silent nod, some stopped to discuss "so you are going to NY again?" subject. Small bags, book or cell or computer - ready to use the moment they found a space to park their rear. May be it's me (I did not fly over the last few years) and this is how people usually look there - or may be it's the kind of flight - regular, convenient, cheap "read eye" to New York :)

Ten minutes after our plain took off - blankets, pillows and pens are out - for some it's time to sleep, for others - to draw before a nap ;) There was a little boy not far from me - he kept doodling with his aquadoodle (great thing for parents and kids - you paint with water on a piece of cloth - no mess, lots of fun, as soon as cloth is dry - doodle again!) long after his parents fell asleep ;)

May 2009: Trip to New York - 2 - on the plain

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