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In the park, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I lost my pace a little with posting sketches - perhaps since I picked up my pace with drawing ;) These belong to a little moleskine book which happens to be sketchbook #34 since I started numbering them. I used Lamy pen with waterproof pen in it a lot and enjoyed different little hikes and did many quite personal and/or mediocre drawings. But those that are suitable for sharing are coming up in one large lump in the next couple of days ;)

I am almost done with rather large sketchbook #35 now and it has quite a few pages I would love to share and get your feedback about - so I better pick up my pace here ;)

Oh, and I am hoping to post more on Sketching in Nature as I had some rather interesting adventures recently!

Stevens Creek Park - sitting by the water Found Treasures

In the parkIn the park

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