January 2012: Hiking and why this tree looks strange.

January 2012: Hiking by apple-pine
January 2012: Hiking, a photo by apple-pine on Flickr.
I know, I know - it's not really working - I tried to have too many dark-on-dark layers of color and paper did not survive it - this is a lesson: use sketchbook with watercolor paper next time, please!

But hike was great and I will be back to draw this tree standing between two rocks on the very ridge!


  1. I have to say I really like the texture of the tree, and you might be able to lighten things up a bit (after its really dry)... You could use a soft pastel over, but I would only use it on the rocks. The tree looks great as is. But I know what you mean about water colours on non W/W paper... I have made a few holes through out my artistic life : )

    Looks like you had a fantastic hike and day, cant wait to see the sketch from that location.

  2. thank you. I almost made a hole in this page :) I was thinking about adding some light pencils to lift tree's at home but I try to add minimum things after I leave the place.