March 2014: Trip to Israel - Tools

Well, apart from a rain jacket which saved me on this trip, I took quite a few very portable tools for sketching on the go. Most of them were used - especially since part of my company was sketching almost as much as I did. Not pictured here were more color pencils - I trimmed a set to a "bare minimum" and it got some use but not as much as what you will find on the sketched below.

March 2014: Israel - Tools
March 2014: Israel - Tools

The last piece is a small - pocket watercolor album which proved to be the best size for my pocket and the first one to be pulled in a jiffy hence most used. I would draw in it during any and then tear out pages to tape them in my main journal at night (or early in the morning) with additional comments. I had only 2 pages left after this trip and hence will add it to my list of "art supplies I must bring with me when traveling".
March 2014: Israel - Tools

This concludes my sketched story about the trip - you can see full set here:
March 2014: Trip to Israel at a Glance

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