2015: Drawing!

My first post in 2015 will be about little game I picked up on FB - just like the flu.

I was nominated for the '5 day drawing challenge' by Suhita Shirodkar - a fellow sketcher whose dancing line, singing color and amazing productivity always inspire me. Thank you, Suhita!

My first thought was that perhaps this is my chance to quickly catch up on the whole sketchbook and a half separating what I posted online with current sketches :) Then I thought that I might look back at my almost 5000 images at Flickr and see where I started and what subjects I come back to. And then I thought that this is a perfect opportunity to stop thinking and go draw something right away :) So that is what I am doing for the first day.

Day 1 of 5:
Todays' Treasures :) With little stories written about them.

Oh, and the rule of this sketching tag game is that I have to nominate one other artist every day. As I am joining in the middle of the chain it's not easy to pick someone who's not doing the challenge already - but I will try :) I would like to start with Don Low I'd love to see more of his feisty lines shaping people as they are going about their business. Oh, and his ability to laugh in his sketches too! Cheers, Don!
  January 2015: TreasuresJanuary 2015: TreasuresJanuary 2015: Treasures

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