Sketchbook #91: Leftovers

These were last pages of June-to almost end of July Sketchbook #91 - I refreshed my current palette and drew it and then looked at flowers I keep with the palette in mind. And some everyday moments - basil plant which I almost killed, then watered and sketched right before it became a salad and my ongoing life drawing class with ballpoint pen.

Sketchbook #91: Current watercolor set-up Sketchbook #91: My Succulent Box and Color Palette Sketchbook #91: Flower and Color Palette Sketchbook #91: My Salad Sketchbook #91: Last page - My Life Drawing Class
This is it - I am almost on track - just one month difference between my current sketchbook and the one I am posting! Let's see hot long it will take me to catch up! :)

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