Sketchbook #97: Prague

Ballpoint pen is the most versatile tool in my arsenal. If I have time to get to watercolors - great - if the tram comes sooner rather than later all I get to do is outline and if everyone's feet need a little more rest I might add some shading. Usually the simplest ballpoint works for me (and is always somewhere in one of my many "pocketses"). But it's not always working when you try to add line over wet watercolor - which is something I've been experimenting with lately. So I got myself a "waterproof" ballpoint (Powertank from Uni) and it's singing with the watercolors and gliding well even in very wet conditions. Including under the rain on on the water :) A keeper :)

Sketchbook #97: PragueSketchbook #97: PragueSketchbook #97: Prague

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