Urban Sketching Workshops Around the World and in the Bay Area - I am teaching on April 22nd!

This is an exciting year for Urban Sketching! Urban Sketchers is 10 years old this year and they’re celebrating with year-long workshops all over the world. Excited? Click this link to see where all the workshops around the world are. Each city lets you pick from 10 workshops being held throughout the year.

Workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area chapter of Urban sketchers is excited to be holding it’s own series of 10 workshops all over the Bay Area: 10 teachers you’ve been wanting to take a workshop with, and workshops geared towards all levels of sketchers! To read more about those workshops, go to this link. If you’re interested in a Bay Area workshop, get in touch with Suhita at suhita@gmail.com and tell her what classes you’re interested in. She’ll walk you through the registration process. 
I will be teaching a workshop titled
"Creating collections of everyday moments" in Los Altos on April 22nd.
Level of difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. 

Strategies we will work on

  • finding time even in hopeless situations 
  • being quick and ready to start at the moment’s notice 
  • unifying drawings on a page 
  • appreciating both subtle changes and consistency in the collection we create together. 

To register for any of the Bay Area workshops, contact suhita@gmail.com and put “San Francisco Bay Area 10×10” in the subject line of your email. Let her know what workshops you want to sign up for.  Suhita will let you know if there are still spots open and she will help you through the registration process.