Join me on April 27th for the Joy of Gouache Workshop!

I will be teaching gouache workshop this April as a part of series of on-location sketching workshops through The International Urban Sketchers organization and San Francisco Bay Area Urban Sketchers Group.
In this workshop you will learn the joy of gouache through limiting your options and taking it with you on location for fast sketching. 

This workshop is geared towards people who have experience with gouache and want to try new techniques and get better and those who have struggled with gouache before and want to give it another try. (People who are trying this medium for the first time are also welcome.) 

Participants will learn about basic tools: layering, brush techniques unique to the gouache, then we will switch to some color mixing and brushwork on a more advanced level.

There is an additional materials cost of $15, paid to the instructor on the day.

To register please go to:

This workshop is part of the 2019 San Francisco Bay Area Urban Sketchers’ 10x10 series. For more 10x10 workshops, click here.