May 19, 2019

Report About My Urban Sketcher's Workshop: "The Joy of Gouache"

I had the honor of running one of the 10 Urban Sketchers workshops in the Bay Area this year. We gathered near the Menlo Park library on a lovely sunny weekend in April. The title of the workshop was "The Joy of Gouache" and that is what we did: enjoyed some gouache.

USK Workshop "The Joy of Gouache" 4-27-19
Each participant received a small sketchbook and an airtight gouache palette (just like the one I am using every day) with testing amount of gouache paints. I brought all kinds of things for people to try - from pens and pencils to brushes and viewfinders, different kinds of toned paper and additional types and colors of gouache.

USK Workshop "The Joy of Gouache" 4-27-19

I shared the way my plein air gouache set-up works and demonstrated some techniques and did all the exercises with participants.

USK Workshop "The Joy of Gouache" 4-27-19
It was a great experience - to have this amazing group of people who showed with lots of enthusiasm and worked hard on all the exercises I laid in front of them. I came home charged with lots of ideas for new gouache paintings and workshops!
(most of the photos here are by workshop participants)