Sketchbook 120

I like my blog.

I wrote a post at the end of 2018 about how I will change my relationship with it. Over 6 month later I have 20 posts and a large backlog of things I want to blog about backed by hundreds of sketches.

I kept skipping some weeks of posting by using a simpler instant gratification of instagram which automatically posts to facebook. A few clicks and I am done. But not satisfied.

I like my blog because I can search for things here and can look at them in the order that I created these posts and see all of them and not what some computer picked to keep people looking at the screen longer. I can see a bigger picture and how my works and interests evolve.

So I devised yet another strategy to keep myself on the topic here. But first - a little bit of catching up and some announcements and explanations are due :)

Some of my projects will have to be hidden from the public eye from now on, some subjects will disappear completely (or almost completely) and some will be more open. I will keep fuller and organized folders with the sketchbook pages (those that I want to share publicly) on my Flickr. But I will add links to the folders in the posts here.

And I will continue this journal of my journaling :)

Here is a quick screenshot of the sketchbook 120.