Grateful: Sketching with friends online

During the times when going out to the library or cafe to sketch with friends is not an option I sketch with friends online. 

It is not a meeting. There is no agenda, no rules, obligations. It is a very low-key event that happens almost every week and I am very grateful for it. 

I just have a standing appointment with myself to be online at certain time, sometimes I am alone for 30 min - drawing. But usually Suhita Shirodkar joins me and sometimes others too. And for half an hour or so we can talk or be silent and just be together doing the thing we love - drawing.

In the past we sent each other photos of streets to draw, we tried live cams of different places, tried finding places on google street view or mapcrunch to show each other places we know or to find a completely new places we've never been to. 

Lately we've been using the to find a location to draw. You can read more about this simple site in the New Yorker's article here. I miss the snow (this year especially) so I've been looking for windows with the snow lately. 


  1. I love our Tuesday Sketchtime. so laid back. just like when we draw together, we can chat, or not.And it's interesting to see someone elses take o a scene. Se you tomorrow!