What is on my table? End of June 2021.

I've tried and experiences some changes on this blog lately. Some were induced by higher powers and some by me (and I am still thinking about migrating). But in the middle of another redesign process, I realized that I am sitting on a lot of sketches and projects and some unpublished drafts and trying to find the best design or logistic solution instead of going back to why I have this place. Which is to have a little space to share what I am up to, to take a little step away from the everyday things and see some patterns, to be able to remember (and search for) my previous thoughts and solutions, repeating themes and interests. 

And I will start by showing you a view at my table at the end of June.

It was a very big month and a very short month for me because I was traveling! For the first time in a year and a half, I was on the airplane, I was among people and away from all my routines. 

First I got fully vaccinated. And then I went to see my folks in Ukraine. I filled 2/3 of a sketchbook, brought home lots of presents, ideas, and feelings and I am still sorting through all of them!

So the end of June looked like this:

And I will write more about the trip in a separate post :)


  1. Oh, I love seeing all your new OLD art supplies! And the pochade box! They look terrific!

  2. What a beautiful array of new, old and new-old goodies. Sort them, arrange them, display them but most importantly, use and enjoy them, all of them.

    1. Thank you Cheryl! This is such a great advice!

  3. Thank you Cheryl! This is such a great advice!