Perpetual Pen Maintenance and a Change of Seasons

As I cleaned and refilled some of my pens, I tried to remember when was the last time I did. Is this is something that happens suddenly? or something I plan to do? Am inspired to do so when I acknowledge that I want to go back to a distinct tool? Or when it finds its way back into my toolbox by accident? Or perhaps this is something that is a part of my seasonal adjustment - like listening to certain music, baking almost every day, or wearing a particular jacket is? And how much it would change were I to live again in a place where there are more pronounced seasons - or even less?

In any case - my flexible nib (G comic nib) of the Ackerman Pump Pen is gliding again and both parallel pens (one is standard and one modified) are filled with ink and I am off to start some bread and soak beans for the soup (another seasonal thing!). 


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