Inktober 2021

For several years now, October means that I dedicate my project time to an experiment of daily thematic drawings. It started with the idea of participating in inktober but I enjoy making my own rules every year - so we can call these anything - nintobers perhaps :) 

In 2015 I drew daily badgers

In 2016 - I drew daily Badgers again.

In 2017 I took my just purchased iPad and used Procreate for a maiden voyage and drew digitally for a month.  

In 2018 I drew Spanish words and my associations with them for a month (it is a fun way to learn language!)

2019 I drew 31 bats and added some interesting facts about them to the images.

In 2020 I experimented with stencils and printing techniques (that is where this year's project has roots).

This year (2021) I made a flower Alphabet. One letter / Flower per day. Created and posted daily. There are two versions - black and white and color - for each letter and there are obviously more pictures than there are letters in English alphabet - and here they are all together:

And here is a folder on Flickr where you can see them all closer:

I am selecting, cutting, cleaning, and polishing these to make an actual alphabet poster - but it is not ready yet. 


  1. I really enjoyed your daily florals on Instagram! But your badgers and bats were my favorites. :-)

    1. thank you! I hope to be back to both of those animals - too many plants in my sketchbook lately! :)