On My Table: Beginning of February 2024.

January is behind us and I am in the thick of working on a whole bunch of things. This is a cleaner version of my table :)
  • A lot of of pencils on my table - I need to limit my color options for a project early so that I have some rules to break later in the game :) 
  • There are some texture-making experiments - they might not go anywhere but I Had fun making them. 
  • My favorite paper towel for painting (Original Shop Towels). 
  • My second favorite pencil sharpener - KUM AS2M (which makes some excellent long points and also has a side sharpener for sharpening mechanical pencils). (I showed my absolute favorite pencil sharpener a few months back). 
  • And one more little thing that's been sitting on my table is small post-it notes - I use them to catch all the fleeting thoughts that try to take my mind off what I am doing at the moment - they all get a note - and I look through them later in the day to make sure that all the "water my table garden", "research waterproof running shoes" and "donate to that cause" are all taken care of.
Here is to a good February! (some trees are blooming near me already!)

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