A very pink farm outing

Some time in October Suhita and I drew a pumpkin patch at the Cosentino farm in San Jose and agreed to come back when the trees would be blooming - and that is what we did on one lovely March morning. These peach trees have one of the most pink flowers I've ever seen and I was overwhelmed with the pinkness so much that I started using pieces of torn pink paper to map out some of the bloom on the page! It was one of the brightest days this year after lots of rain and all the sun just made everything pop up more! The bees were all over the place, farm workers were doing their thing, and Suhita and I followed the adventures of two little lizards on the trunk of a tree in front of us. 

Below you will find some process photos as well as a portrait of the lizards and a version of a sketch that I digitally altered - I wonder if it is better or worse - let me know!

As I was looking at the scan and all the pinkness on the page I tried adding some whine digitally - version on the right. What do you think - it is better?

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