Illustration Friday: visitors

This week's subject is very close to my heart :) We have about 5-10 visitors a year easily.

And they all stay in our living room and sleep on the futon I depicted here.
- They lean on these pillows (I know they look a little like keyboards - but it's because there is one under the pillow).
- They read books from the shelve on the right under a lamp which hangs on it.
- They listen to CDs on the left.
- They ask where we got that picture above the futon and hose does the thermostat (little box next to it) work.
- And they talk to us - while we are sitting on the floor (my feet depicted to illustrate that part).

So you see - this is a very much live drawing ready for interactive intrusion! You just need to imagine/place yourself on that futon and you are visiting us :)

Oh - and here is a drawing of our latest visitor who just left ;) (While she was here we got some cool stuff in a new Japanese paper store and our treasures were packed in a nice black envelope - which I used as a background for this drawing - RECYCLE!)

Click on images to see larger version.


  1. thank you. this will help me hang in till the day I am actually there :)

  2. meant to say I really like the sketch - very inviting. like your "missing" illo. I immediately got the idea :-)