Sketchbook Run

I was organizing files and realized that apart from the fact that I haven't started scanning current sketchbook I have a big pile of things that I scanned but did not post here... So I intend to push bunch of stuff over the next couple of weeks.

The main reason is that I have some new things I want to share - and I think it's better to see how they developed and obtained shape, how they changed me and I changed them :)

So I will try to keep things in some sort of chronological order ;)


  1. how about a little video, like some of those moleskines? quite a time-saver, eh?

  2. well, it takes time to make one of those videos too ;) And I have stuff scanned - and I would need to scan it anyways as I re-use things when I work on projects and also I send some images to people separately ;)

    So to answer you - I will probably make a video at some point - but when... who knows ;)

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