Illustration Friday: juggle

I juggle a lot of things - that's my curse and blessing - I rarely do one thing at a time - and this morning I was working on my "Illustration Friday" drawing, chatting with a colleague in the IM, drinking tea, making plan for the rest of the day and doing laundry and opening a huge file I am working on.

When it was time to move my stuff to the dryer I had to take a phone call and so was a few minutes late. Needless to say that when I got to the laundry room someone was already there. I saw the guilty look in the face and hands taking out my jeans and said something along the lines "it's ok - I knew that I was late" and just then realized that... well all my things are completely wet... She started her laundry without taking out mine... Probably because she was juggling too many things too ;)

I came home and drew this - just to let the steam out - it helped ;)

oh - and here is an original drawing about juggling things inside us - crazy thoughts and creatures that crawl inside our heads, attitudes, pains, happinesses, loves, ups, downs... all streaming through us.

Click on the image to see larger version ;) And let me know which juggling you relate too ;)

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  1. mine's the latter. feels very much like insides of my head :-)