June 27, 2008: Villa Montalvo - black cat

Black cat is not included in this image :) But the story goes like this: I was painting comfortably in the park, my companions took a different road to the same destination and I decided to paint this little place.

And suddenly (about half-way in the painting) I started hearing strange noises. As if someone (very large and dangerous) was going through the woods with no consideration to the path at all... sounds were getting closer and closer... I quickly looked at my set-up assessing what will have to be dumped if I have to face a running away option and what can be used to make me look large and dangerous (in case if it's a mountain lion :)

And then he came - huge, absolutely black with red gold showing when he walked into the sun patch - THE BLACK CAT! He was BIG, but not panther big - so I decided to see how he will interact with me :)

He was absolutely... god-like there - did not spare even the smallest amount of attention to me, walked as if the whole world belongs to him and it's fate is in his paws. He looked at the paper, went around it, sniffed my paints and brushes, and went ahead...

And when his tail disappeared behind the turn, all of a sudden lots of noises came back - as if someone turned them on - all kinds of birds appeared and started eating this and that around me, jumping and singing... and because of this sound effect lots of things started to look much more inviting - lights brighter, darks more colorful, lizards greener, blue jays - almost purple ;)

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