Sketching till the end of the book and grazing geese behavior :)

Posted: Jul 21, 2008 | |

It was a great day, very nice walk but bit of a fiasco in terms of sketching... I took lots of supplies, had someone to occupy my sketching menace of a son, prepared to work and... and I found out that I am on the very last page of this sketchbook. And some 30 miles away form the nearest store :) So I used what I had - unfinished page from the previous day and last page and inside back cover etc. The worst thing it that it kind-of put me off starting a new book... but in a day I overcame the obstacle ;)

July 4-5, 2008 - last pages of the book #19 July 5, 2008 - last pages of the book #19

These geese had a very peculiar behavior! One was always on the guard. Another one would be eating, without a moment to spare for us or it's companion. But the guard one had both eyes on any potential danger - checking the horizon all the time, not even looking on the ground under it's feet. We looked at them for quite a while and then saw a switch: the watching goose lowered it's head to the ground as if to take a bite of the dry grass - but his eyes were on his grazing companion. And the eating one looked at him and immediately stopped eating, stretched it's neck to the full length and started looking around - immediately becoming the watching one.