Rancho San Antonio - sitting under the tree

It was pretty hot day and I was tired and grumpy and stressed and overall needed a break :) But I was fortunate enough to have great supporting company who spent time looking for acorns, shooting (with camera ;) squirrels and overall giving me some space - to spend time by myself - sitting under this big tree and drawing - first - view across the field and then - tree itself and view on the road.

I was thinking about adding color but later decided to keep it as is - whatever was done on the spot - nothing taken away or added :)

Rancho San Antonio - view


  1. I think you're right....this is wonderful as is. What did you use? Pencil? Pen?

  2. Wow! I didn't see the tree last time I looked at your site...it must not have loaded before I closed the site or something....beautiful!!! I hope your art successes made you feel a little better!

  3. I really like both of these! Was wondering also, what you used; looks like pen on the tree but can't tell on the landscape.

  4. thanks, Carol and Tami!

    I used pen (Rotring artpen) with Koh-i-nor ink in it on the tree and watercolor pencil (Albrecht Durer Faber Castel, indigo) on the valley view.