Sketchbook #26

Posted: Dec 20, 2008 | | Labels: ,

Sketchbook #26: Open at front, originally uploaded by apple-pine. (Click on the image to see some additional notes)

This is another hand-made book - I made it while still working in a large Moleskine sketchbook and was happy to use watercolor on suitable paper again :)

It's horizontal, about 11" x 7.5" final paper size, the book is about 11.25" x 8" when closed. Inside - Fabriano Artictoco 90 LB CP WC, Fabriano Artictoco 90 LB HP WC and one signature with an unknown paper again - not a good one - and I am still looking for my notes to remember what paper it was not to order it again...

Sketchbook #26: Open at the back
(Click on the image to see some additional notes)

I reinforced corners with little stripes of book cloth and sides with some sample papers from paper makers (I get those from printers and tear some samples from graphic design magazines as well) - and I like how it worked out as this sketchbook gets quite a lot of beating taking to fill longer than usual (this topic will require a separate post).

And I used some leftover gift wrapping paper on the cover - puts me in a holiday mood every time I see it ;)

Sketchbook #26: Front and back cover
(Click on the image to see some additional notes)

Everything worked fine with this journal but today it fell apart :(

Sketchbook #26: Problem!
(Click on the image to see some additional notes)

It's was the first time I used Yes Stikflat Glue - may be that was a reason. But I think it's because it's extremely dry here... I put some fresh watercolor from tubes in my sketching palette and it was dry in just a couple of hours...

So - I am off to have a drink of water and add some PVA glue to the spine and put it under some books for a while.