Dec 9, 2008

Dec 9, 2008, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

When I started sketching I just was looking for general poses but woman with lollipop really captured my imagination: she was working on it while communicating her wishes to the hairdresser and talking on the cell and discussing something with her daughter and grandson (I think that who they were - I sketched them on the other page of this spread - boy sitting on mother's arms). All this was done without really opening her mouth - I've never seen anything like this before ;) Later that same day I sketched my little fellow trying to play guitar - amazingly nice sounds were coming out of it up until he remembered that some pegheads are movable and started to adjust strings...

Dec 9, 2008 This spread was done on a poor paper - I do not know what possessed me to add this signature to my sketchbook - but my next post will show you how poorly watercolors look on it.

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