treasures from the patio

treasures from the patio - I, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Painted while re-arranging holiday decorations around the patio - rather warm though windy day - I had to run after my paper towel a couple of times ;)

Large collection of chestnuts continues to grow. I will paint latest version soon ;) And pumpkin is still sitting out there - it's rather warm in California right now and feels like spring (or even early summer ;) - so my nose wrinkles when I think about winter cooking ;)

treasures from the patio - II
I went to draw outside today and took my watercolor pencils with me - I will try to continue posting old(er) sketches with current ones - it just feels so right to share TODAY's findings and drawings ;)

Jan 16, 2009: Sunnyvale street: spring is here ;)

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