Feb 7, 2009

Hidden Villa, December 2008

It was raining lightly and I thought that there is no chance for me to sketch. Backpack with my sketchbook and little sketching kit was left in the car - I did not think we would last even 5 minutes.
Hidden Villa, December 2008
But rain was not hard. there were many interesting plants to check out in the garden, my little companion felt fine in a new jacket and we pressed on until sun started to show her face between rain drops and we found ourselves among animals :) I pulled my little book from the waist pack, found a pen and was happy to continue sketching until it was time to go home because all this excitement and chasing chickens and talking to Mama Cita made my little guy hungry ;)


Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

These are wonderful, Nina! I love quick surprise sketch opportunities, and you've certainly used yours to full advantage.

Nina Khashchina aka Apple-Pine said...

thanks, Kate! I wish I had better paper though! I pulled apart a little handbook and carry a few pieces of "better" paper in a tiny notebook with me ;)