Illustration Friday: flawed

Illustration Friday: flawed, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

About a week ago or so we were in a store which gives balloons to kids when you finish with your shopping. We got a nice, big one!

A. was carrying it proudly to the car - we have a special ritual when we put balloon in the car first and make sure that it's strapped to it's place etc. And, when we were just a couple of steps away from the car, balloon got away, started moving up and then... POP!

A. was devastated. It was not the first balloon to die on his hands but certainly this was the most sudden end up to date. He cried WHY? so loudly that people came out of the store and very soon A. had another balloon in his hands. But he kept asking why and I told him that it was flawed from the very beginning - but this answer does not help - he keeps asking, though less frequently now. New balloon is gone too - but it's passing did not make so much noise and did not bring so many questions :)

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