Self portrait after run: March 13, 2009

About a year ago I got into a habit of drawing myself right after I come back from my run (about 3 times a week). I really mean right after - I stretch and draw - no shower allowed before drawing ;) It means that portraits are done QUICKLY and that I do not really care too much about results since all I have energy and patience for is to look and record, look again, record again, fill the page more-or-less and jump in the shower ;)

It was one of the things I did to establish a daily sketching habit. A lot of things I did then did not help - but this one stuck with me. Now I learned a lot about establishing habits - but that's a separate topic ;)

I almost never show these portraits as they sometimes are scary and lots of times look like me only to my eye.

I decided to show this one to see how much interest it will get and if I should show more ;) - let me know ;)


  1. I think you should definitely post more of theem - I love this!

  2. looks like a really strong image, with alot of energy. I love the hat, with just the strokes that you used. the eyes are really focused. nice balance of shadows and lines and light. you should post another one again.

  3. thanks you angeltreats and John!

    I think will keep these portraits in rotation - probably not every one but some ;)

  4. wonderful! I would like to see more. Sounds like a great idea - maybe I should try something like that to break through the barrier I have with drawing people!

  5. you know I've been afraid of self portraits forever and this was a part of "let's meet my devils" effort - really helped!