Waiting: porta potties

Waiting: porta potties, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I was waiting - sitting on a curb next to the building site. Looking ar life's necessities. I had a blue ballpoint and a piece of scrap paper with me and had a good time ;)


  1. I like your use of materials at hand, not to mention the view at hand. Nice sketches of the cups too. :-)

  2. thanks, John! I am working hard simultaneously on two things:
    1) keeping myself with something to draw with and something to draw on at all times
    2) keeping myself from carrying 6 lb of art supplies at all times ;)
    the balance is still not achieved - but I am much closer to it than, say, a year ago ;)

  3. THose are nice sketches... I never minded using porta potties...especially considering I never grew up with running water and plumbing.