Sketching Trio Workshop - I had a BLAST!

This past Saturday I had a blast teaching next to Gay Kraeger and Suhita Shirodkar at our first "Sketching Trio" workshop. Suhita was working on sketching people quickly, Gay - on quick sketching, lettering and design techniques, and I presented basics of gouache and landscape. We provided all the materials (big part of which students were able to pack home to continue playing) and spent day in a magical garden in Santa Cruz Mountains on a beautiful day.

The format was a little unusual as we divided 30 students in three groups and taught simultaneously and then switched and taught next group and then again. It allowed us to have some quality learning / teaching time in small groups but also to have some amazing interaction before the class, after and during breaks - in larger groups. Punctuated by very tasty breaks (thank you amazing Brenda) we designed, drew and painted all day long and I am excited and inspired to do more classes like this!

Unfortunately I took very few pictures - but here are some gems.